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Farm Machinery Solutions

Committed to Your Farm's Success

We understand the critical role farm equipment plays in the success of your operation. Gary and his dedicated team are committed to minimising downtime and ensuring your plant, equipment, mowers, balers, and general farm machinery are back on the field promptly.


Tailored Engineering for Farms

Our Expertise Covers:

  • Plant and Equipment: From tractors to agricultural machinery, we specialise in the design, repair, and manufacture of a wide range of farm equipment.

  • Mowers: Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or custom designs, we've got your mowers covered.

  • Balers: Our team is equipped to handle baler repairs, maintenance, and manufacturing with precision.

  • General Farm Machinery: From harrows to weeders, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your general farm machinery needs.


Farm-Focused Engineering Services

On-Site Maintenance

Our commitment to minimising downtime goes beyond the workshop. We offer on-farm maintenance services to keep your equipment operational without the need for transportation.


Design, Repair, and Manufacturing

  • Specialist Equipment: Our expertise extends to the design, repair, and manufacturing of specialist harrows, seeders, silage grabs, digger buckets, hitch mounts, and weeders.


On-the-Field Support

Fully Equipped Service Truck

Our service truck is a mobile workshop, fully equipped to handle on-site repairs and maintenance. It includes:

  • Large Capacity Generator: Ensuring uninterrupted power supply for all on-site operations.

  • On-Board Compressor: Facilitating pneumatic tool usage for efficient repairs.

  • Gas Welding Set and Welders: Capable of handling various welding requirements, including stainless steel welding.

  • Mobile Arc Gouging Unit: Rapidly cutting through all types of steel for efficient and effective repairs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Farm-Focused Approach: We understand the unique requirements of the farming community and tailor our engineering services to support your specific needs.

  • Prompt On-Site Service: Our fully equipped service truck ensures that our skilled team can address issues directly on your farm, minimising downtime.

  • Comprehensive Expertise: Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or custom manufacturing, we have the skills and tools to meet your requirements.

Farm Equipment Parts Repair
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